Isles Deli Showcase

(Brief note — due to a low audience turnout, we kicked around cancelling this one before some of us opted to stick around and at least work our material in front of each other — which is why there’s such a small number of performers.)

Poetry of the Divine

My conversation with the musician before the performance actually did a lot more to pique my interest regarding the show than the showcase itself — not because there was anything bad about what she did, but because I suspect that this is a show that’s really fucking hard to preview. She promises another multidisciplinary piece, interweaving “original music, sacred texts, poetry, and dance”, spanning “from Medieval England to Biblical Judea, ancient China to the Golden Age of Persia”.

All of these things sound really interesting to me. While I enjoyed the song that she played — quite a bit, actually — it didn’t do a very good job of giving me a sense of what the actual *show* would be. I’m not sure what would — but it’s hard for me to recommend a show on the basis of what I *didn’t* see.

Date Rape for Beginners: A Seriously Funny Tale of Trauma and Recovery

I’ve already reviewed this piece, so I’ll move right along.

Jesus: The Lost Years

I’m performing in this piece, so I’ll move right along.

Sanctuary: Present Tense

While this is a teller that I found very warm, and very charming, I found her *story* to be somewhat shapeless — meandering without really giving me a sense of ending up anywhere; she would frequently stammer, lose her place, and find it again, leaving me lost somewhere in the middle. I’m presuming this is symptomatic of a work-in-progress; once she nails down her key points, I imagine I’d enjoy listening to this. Again, showcase format! Many stories, many tellers!


Another show I’m performing in, so I’ll move right along. To conclude, actually.


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