JACK, Orange, and Roofies: Previews from the Rockstar Storytellers Show

JACK by Eric van Wyk

His preview during the Fringe-For-All, I’ll confess, left me cold. This still wasn’t his crowd, and the pacing still felt awkward – but this time around, I was much more impressed with the *visual* inventiveness of the show – the piece he chose to do was largely a rapid-fire catalogue of different puppets, puppets being transformed into other things, packed with lots of visual surprises. I still can’t say that I have a clear sense of exactly what I’ll be watching during the show, but I’m now reasonably certain that it’ll sustain my attention.

Orange by Questionable Company Productions

This was like a Saturday Night Live sketch, but the old, good Saturday Night Live. The premise is a funny one – people in a building are watching the television, and trying to figure out if the hostage situation they’re watching is the building that they’re in – and it’s played in a very deadpan, tongue-in-cheek style.

Roofies in the Mochaccino by Michael Shaeffer

Talking up this guy anymore would be nothing short of nepotism. But you should see his show.


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