Needless Nepotism

I’m one of the founders of the Rockstar Storytellers, so I won’t be talking about that show in this space. However, since the group is composed of hit solo performers — a kind of “Fringe All-Stars,” as it were — many members of the group are also producing shows in the Fringe that I’m looking forward too. I don’t know if the fact that I work with these guys disqualifies me from recommending their work — but the shows I’d like to plug are ones that I’ve had nothing to do with.

ROCKSTAR: Allison Broeren
COMPANY: Mumble Mumble, Ink Productions
SHOW TITLE: I’ll Marry You for Health Insurance and other shocking revelations
LOCATION: Rarig Xperimental

ROCKSTAR: Allegra Lingo
COMPANY: Allegra J. Lingo
SHOW TITLE: Tipping the Bucket
LOCATION: Rarig Arena

ROCKSTARS: Curt Lund and Laura Bidgood
COMPANY: True Enough Theatre
SHOW TITLE: Boys Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses
LOCATION: Rarig Arena

ROCKSTAR: Mike Fotis
COMPANY: Mike Fotis
SHOW TITLE: An Intimate Evening with Fotis: Part Two
LOCATION: Minneapolis Theatre Garage

And a brief shout-out to another performer I’m working with, who also has his own show in the Festival:

PERFOMER: Michael Shaeffer
COMPANY: Empty S Productions
SHOW TITLE: Roofies in the Mochaccino
LOCATION: Interact Center

Onward to more recommendations!


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