Stupid Face

Huh. Apparently the Rarig Xperimental is the space for confessional tales of struggle with disease this year.

It’s well-told enough — she has a certain ease with the audience — but it’s one that left me scratching my head, wondering why I’d just seen what I’d seen. It wasn’t really funny enough to justify it as a comedy show, and it didn’t leave me with any kind of major insight, beyond a bit of a pat message at the end. I’ll Marry You For Health Insurance put its story at the service of a political message. This show put its story at the service of…well, not much, really. She may have been to a place, and experienced something profound, but if she did, the show didn’t successfully communicate it to me.

So, another show by a seemingly talented performer, one that I didn’t object to sitting through. But one that didn’t really leave me with much of anything, either.


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