I couldn’t help but regard this as kind of a telling line, delivered by the playwright/performer.

This show is an extremely rapid-fire, energetic performance by both actors, punctuated by some clever and inventive transitions. Nevertheless, I found it a struggle to sit through. (Allow me to, in fairness, throw out here that the audience around me was heartily enjoying it; my experience seems to be aberrant.)

For one thing, the show was interspersed with fantasy sequences in which one or the other of the actors would pop on baby clothes and speak to each other in a high-pitched, infantile manner. Since I belong to that percentage of the populace for whom baby-talk is kind of like nails on a chalkboard, about a full half of the show was close to unwatchable for me.

With the exception of those sequences and a few wire-hanger jokes, there really wasn’t much to it — the jokes weren’t much different from anything you’d see on an adequate situation comedy. The characters felt essentially stock to me, and the more somber discussions they began having toward the end of the play about having to grow up seemed to emerge from nowhere to me. I never found it clear why she never really considered an abortion, or why he never really considered leaving. Everything we know about these characters suggests that everything they do is largely driven by self-interest, which kind of leaves me just worried for their child.

(The most interesting character I found in the play was actually the father’s mother, a clearly disapproving woman who was nevertheless struggling to understand and accept something that was totally outside of her realm of experience. She was summarily dismissed by both her son and the play itself.)


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