Sideways Stories From Wayside School

Before entering the theatre, my companion asked me to tell her about the books: I replied that, while I’d read them when I was a child, I sustained hardly any memory of them. So, truth be told, I can’t approach anything like an objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this show: because my experience of seeing it was being hit by wave after wave of nostalgia as I went “Oh, yeah — I remember that!” What I can tell you is that it’s bright and colorful and fast-moving and has a ridiculously talented cast and that this could be the role that Courtney McLean was born to play.

(And also that, every Fringe, I tend to find one line or one moment that I find completely, irrationally, disproportionately hilarious. Thus, I have spent the intervening time resisting the urge to suddenly shriek “Ahh! Rattlesnakes!” and instead find myself bursting out into sudden fits of helpless giggling. I have no idea why I’m wired this way.)


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