SHOW DESCRIPTION: Part romantic comedy and part surrealist romp through digital life, Glitch! is about missed connections, the blending of the virtual and the real and the love between a computer programmer and a rogue program.
WHAT CAUGHT MY INTEREST: Man, I spent more than enough hours of my childhood chipping away at Final Fantasies I-VI for the concept of falling in love with a computer program to not have to be a metaphor for anything.
Just who do you think you are, anyway?

My partner and I are a pair of artists, scholars, and teachers who are really invested in performance as an art, as method of inquiry, and a medium for personal expression and communication. As performance artists, we are often trying to “stage the internet,” putting the literal conventions and cultural codes (memes, interfaces, remixes, and glitches) of the internet and digital culture onstage.  As scholars, we study and write about new media and performance theories and how they relate to each other. As teachers, we are PhD grad students in the Performance Studies area, so we teach speech, performance, and theatre tech to the beautiful undergraduates at Southern Illinois University.  (◕‿◕✿)

So what’s the big idea? (Tell us about your show!)

The classic love story: girl finds guy, they fall in love, guy finds out girl is not actually a real person but a computer program, girl explodes into pieces, guy uses poetry to win her back, girl morphs into a jellyfish, and the couple dance to surreal internet meme imagery. Standard Shakespearean stuff.( ̄ー ̄)

How did you come up with a screwy idea like that? (Why are you doing it?)
Originally, we were interested in “glitch art,” that is, the way that our digital lives are constantly pervaded by those spinning wheels of death, hourglasses, program crashes, freezes, lags, and other errors that cause computational mayhem. Some artists use these glitches and freezes as art objects in their own right, and so we thought we’d explore this in a stage performance. So, we set a romantic comedy between a human and a computer program in a surreal online space, and the rest is history.   \( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

Why should I care?
 (Why should I see it?)
If you love the internet, if you love memes, if you wish you could hug every cat, if you want to see a guy with an afro breakdance while a woman does tricks with a hula hoop, if you like performance art, if you are a fan of “the new aesthetic,” if you like devised theatre and movement performance, if you’ve ever been dumped online, if you wish you could live in a virtual world, {if you wish you could live in the real world}, if you live on Tumblr, if you see the world as a series of animated gifs, if you are a robot, a dreamer, or a child of any age, you should come see this show.   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Justify your show’s existence in haiku form. (Exactly what it sounds like.)
two souls locked apart
a sea of endless data
love can find a way

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