SHOW TITLE: Blind Date
PRODUCER: Joey Hamburger
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Poop my pants. Cat-o-logue. She belongs to me. First kiss. Breaking up. Being a kid. I’m a cheater. It’s okay I’m Jew-ish. Dream girl. It’s a story about being in love.
WHAT CAUGHT MY INTEREST: The fact that this guy is a first-time Fringe producer who fell into the Festival less than two weeks before it opens. It’s a hell of a marketing challenge, and I figured he could use whatever publicity he could get.

Just who do you think you are, anyway?

My name is Joey Hamburger (actually my last name, it’s German, not a comic bit).  I started writing comedy when I left for college.  Over the past four years, before I graduated, I created and produced four plays (The Beautiful Mind, American Dreamers, Blind Date, and Company of Three) along with three sketch-comedy shows (Sherlock Hamburger, Roger That Hamburger, and Fireplace Puppies).  Along with writing I also perform improv and stand up comedy.  Also, this past year I produced two episodes of a web series which you can check on my website


So what’s the big idea?

I developed the idea for Blind Date my Freshman year and decided to take it on as my honors thesis this past year.  It all starts with a story of how I pooped my pants in front of the first girl I ever loved.  Then I created monologues based on true life experiences and warped them into to fake true life experiences although I’m sure anyone who knows me can find the truth in even the furthest fetched character.  I performed this show first at Saint John’s University, then at Stage 773 in Chicago, and finally at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater.  As a result of my work on Blind Date I received the 2013 Entrepreneur Scholars of the Year Award along with distinction in my major.

How did you come up with a screwy idea like that?

Well again, I pooped my pants in front of the first girl I ever loved.  I guess I should let you know though I was ten when that happened.  To be honest the whole show came out of an idea I had of a character on a Blind Date with the audience and somehow they would end up sleeping together by the end.  I found I liked the idea of having multiple dates with multiple characters, demonstrating only a few of the completely different aspects of relationships.  It’s like comedy speed dating.

Why should I care?

First off, it’s funny.  Second, it has a purpose.  It’s truly vulnerable writing.  I started writing characters I figured were clichés in what I believed to be romantic situations, but found myself involved in each.  These characters and stories are funny because they’re not me, but they’re even funnier because they are in every single way, and then even funnier because you know these people.  It’s like watching an open-mic of the worst people you could end up on a date with along with every person you have ever kissed in your car on your first date hoping that they might be what you have been looking for all your life.

Justify your show’s existence in haiku form.

Theater, a blind date
one night between two lovers
starts with a great poop


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