Nuts & Bolts of Touring, with Seth Lepore

CAVEAT: I have known Seth on the Fringe circuit for several years now.

TITLE: Nuts & Bolts of Touring, with Seth Lepore
PRODUCER: Seth Lepore
HAILING FROM: Massachussetts
DESCRIPTION: Join performer, educator and constantly touring artist Seth Lepore for an intensive workshop on the Nuts & Bolts of Touring, covering essential topics like self-producing, insurance, networking, presenting organizations and funding.

When: Saturday, August 10, 10:00 am – 1:30 pm
Where: Nimubs Theatre, 1517 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN
Tuition: $30 Advanced registration at

Seth is one of those guys you see on the circuit who’s constantly asking questions. This is notable, when most of the rest of us have settled into our roles as jaded hipsters.

What I mean is, I’ve seen plenty of artists who turn their collective nose up at the business aspect of what we do, as though it somehow soils us, corrupts our creative integrity. (I’ve always had a hard time being patient with that perspective. Sure, everyone wishes their job just revolved around the fun, personally fulfilling stuff. Everyone wishes they could ignore the grunt work. They can’t, and neither can we.)

Seth never has, and he’s always turned a keen, analytical eye to the unique marketing problems that face touring professionals. He’s never hesitated to pull someone aside and pick through their years of experience. And he’s always understood one of the strangest aspects of what we do: that there’s no such thing as a business decision that isn’t also a creative decision, and vice versa.

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of hitting the road yourself, I’ll wager that this is one of the best crash courses you could find. And, hey, you can do it without missing more than a single Fringe slot.


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