Pre-Cringe Profile: Hear No Evil

SHOW TITLE: Hear No Evil
PRODUCER: RawRedMeat Productions
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Seven women work here.
Do not ask what they do,
Nor why they do it.
Their business is blood,
And no one can stop its flowing.

(Photo by Soren Olsen)

What makes you such an expert on the amygdala, anyway?

I’m a writer, director, and producer of all kinds of performance events here in the Twin Cities. Dangerous Productions, the company I founded, has been around for almost 2 years now, and have created over a dozen original productions, from wild parties to Guerilla-Style ice cream socials, to ridiculous farces, to horror.

I first was introduced to horror theater when I learned about the Theatre du Grand Guignol in Paris- the self-proclaimed “Theater of Fear and Terror”. 13 years later and I’ve produced horror shows across the country, as well as in Canada, Germany, and Sweden. We’ve done shows about meth, retirement homes, rufies, plastic surgery, jealous lovers, and sexual dysfunction, and no matter where I’ve been, people love to get scared. I’m a big fan of high-suspense, high imagination horror, and I think HEAR NO EVIL really reflects that style.

What’s so spooky about your show?

HEAR NO EVIL is truly a descent into madness. It’s about a group of women (the cast is all women, as a matter of fact) who work for a company simply called “the agency.” They’re the “day shift”- essentially cleaners, but one of them needs to make more money, so they transfer to the night shift, which are the people that make the messes for the day shift to clean up. And its very messy work. It’s disorienting, bloody, really physical, and great fun.

“Do not ask what they do, nor why they do it.” I’m contrary. I’m asking. What do they do? Why do they do it?

If I told you that, I’d have to kill you. Let’s just say we mix up 2 gallons of blood for every show, and use every drop of it. Every rehearsal, the cast dies at least a dozen times, in just as many ways.

Reveal your greatest fear to me and the whole world.

Well, I’m not a big fan of centipedes, but I’ve got a really active imagination, so do a great job of really freaking myself out when I’m walking up stairs out of a dark basement. I walk faster and faster every step, convinced there’s something right behind me.

Justify your show’s existencein the form of a macabre limerick.

As a culture we haven’t forgotten
That we all have a taste for the rotten
We’ll still crawl through the mud-
even bile, puke, or blood-
And then celebrate how far we’ve gotten.


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