Minnesota Fringe Festival: Craigslist: Not a Musical! at Intermedia Arts


SHOW TITLE: Craigslist: Not a Musical!
PRODUCER: Yeah No Sketch Show Players
HAILING FROM: Minneapolis
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Scripted scenes based on actual zany Craigslist ads. Don’t have a Missed Connection with this rocking revamp featuring a new cast and new scenes by Sam L. Landman (Pretty Girls Make Graves, Theater People).

I expressed in my capsule review of their preview my bewilderment at the fact that this kind of parody has become a genre. I found the marketing to be a bit misleading, however: what this ultimately is is sketch comedy, in which every sketch uses a Craigslist ad as its jumping-off point. The ad in question is projected on the rear wall, but really, this whole element could be cut and it wouldn’t affect the show in any meaningful way.

So how did the comedy itself hold up? Didn’t hit me, I’m disappointed to say – and when it comes to comedy, what more is there to say than that?

Well, more than that, I suppose. The underlying joke of most of the sketches seemed to hinge on taking an absurd premise, and playing it as dramatically as possible. It is literally melodramatic, with most of the scenes being underscored by a synthesizer that reminded me (fondly) of nothing so much as nineties Sierra game soundtracks.

The company, however, plays their business broadly – wacky voices and accents ahoy – and the overall effect is one of neediness, and one that causes me to pull back, despite their talents. Here’s hoping they find their audience, and wishing I could be a part of it.

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