Minnesota Fringe Festival: #SummthinsGonnaHappen at Intermedia Arts


SHOW TITLE: #SummthinsGonnaHappen
PRODUCER: Red Carpet Burlesque
HAILING FROM: Minneapolis
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Comedy? Burlesque? Dance? Drag? Maybe, We’re calling all our fabulous MN heavy hitter friends to make summthins happen! So… Who knows? You may be able to cross summthins off your bucket list!

I’m back to my Fringe-viewing pattern of traveling randomly between shows – which means I usually find myself sauntering up to a box office with no idea of what I’m obtaining a ticket for. This was – a bit bewildering, in this case. The show title told me nothing. There was no programme. When I poked at the Fringe site on my phone, there was no cast list. And the description? Comedy, burlesque, dance, and drag? I like all four of those things. But this looked to be taking the shape of a carelessly thrown-together variety show, and while I love variety shows, they’re often a tough sell for me at the Festival.

They got off to a rocky start. Pre-curtain, performers wandered in and out in various states of undress to check on props. The MC didn’t initially seem to be aware of the pre-recorded curtain speech. She occasionally stumbled through her notes on introductions.

That said, I don’t believe that she’s wholly – or even mostly – responsible for the general shakiness. She attempted to banter, and the audience…was reticent.

I think I know why. These kinds of shows thrive in their native venues – pubs ‘n’ clubs – when it’s late at night, the lights are low, and the alcohol is flowing. Intermedia is – a weirdly formal venue for this kind of show, where we file in, take our seats, and patiently watch from a darkened house. It’s challenging, very challenging, to coax the kind of licentious playfulness that this kind of show lives and dies on.

That said, I mostly enjoyed myself. And I’m at a loss as to how to review it, particularly as I have no idea if there will even be the same lineup from show to show. Some performers were excellent – others were okay. The general experience averaged out to good. (Though I will cheerfully single out Diva Rose’s highway patrolwoman striptease as the standout, and one of the more hilariously inventive that I’ve seen.)

I had a good time. I chuckled more than I didn’t. Variety shows are just a tough sell, in Festivals featuring as much sprawling ambition as this one.

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