Pre-Fringe Profiles: 2015 Edition

For ease of navigation, the nine Pre-Fringe Profiles I’ve created are below, each linked to their respective haiku. Happy clicking!

Driven to the edge
A love that knows no limits
Understand me please

Greece is a charming
country; but who would like to
live so near the Turks?

Hearts pumping, we breathe
Truth as light, yet shadows shroud
Life is theatre

I have never haiku-ed
but maybe I’ll start
when I’m damn good and ready.

I’ll write one great song.
They’ll all respect me with a
Minnesota twang.

Lake Minnehaha
is an Indian name for
“slightly funny pool”

The end of the world
Nearer than you think, needs a
Deus Ex Machina

This play I done wrote:
I hope it causeth laughter.
If not, no refunds.

‘Til death do us part.
Yes for them. Now, yes for us.
Loving. And married.

Questions? Comments? Enraged invective? Check out my answers to occasionally asked questions in Notes on Notes, or the contact info linked from that page!


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