…annnd SCENE.


I’ve certainly spilled more than enough virtual ink on Sean Nealy’s show this year, but he e-mailed me about a sequence of events that I can only regard as the perfect punchline to this whole comedy of errors: he had a pair of undercover cops attend his final show.

Afterwards, unconscious of theatre etiquette, they plowed backstage, stating “Well, I guess you know why we’re here?” Which, y’know, because they were plainclothes, his natural assumption was that they were patrons who were going to attempt to fucking murder him.

They claimed to have received multiple warnings (more than three) and had come to determine if he was a sociopath. Their conclusion? “I honestly can’t tell after watching your show.” Which I have to regard as some kind of creative triumph.

My thoughts? Beyond hysterical giggling?

  • It is impressive that he successfully blended art and reality to the point that audiences were unable to make the distinction. He made a similar threat at the end of his show last year, with no police action.
  • I find it gratifying that people who regarded him as a legitimate threat actually took action to nullify him. (Though I find it super-weird that they, like, didn’t do any research before calling the cops.)
  • I am extremely amazed, and most gratified, that the cops actually took the time to investigate him before taking action. That said, I imagine that it’s really fucking hard to prosecute a threat against a fictional character.

In any case, he was served with a trespass notice that bans him from Caribou Coffee for a year. What any of this says about art or humanity, I cheerfully leave as an exercise for the reader.


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