Minnesota Fringe Festival: Area 51 at HUGE Theater


PRODUCER: 11th Hour Productions
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Leo and Haley are lost in the desert just outside of the mysterious Area 51. As they wait for a sign, they question whether they are headed in the right direction, both on their journey and in their lives.

This is a show that I stumbled into with no knowledge, and was pleasantly surprised by – it is a masterpiece of what I am just now and completely arbitrarily choosing to dub “vernacular poetry.” i.e., the language is superficially casual, but each line snaps into place in a way that the Broca’s area of my brain finds completely satisfying.

Moreover, this dialogue is enacted by a pair of actors who have both genuine chemistry with each other, and an ear for the way those lines of dialogue slot into and pile on top of each other. Listening to them speak those words was nothing but bliss.

It’s not something that I’m aggressively selling to everyone, because I’m not sure that everyone would share my reaction. But there is some depth, and some cleverness, and some subtlety to this, as well – that it’s all about the superstitions that people embrace to give themselves the illusion of control in terrifying, random universe. (Whether those superstitions are religious, dubiously spiritual, or dubiously scientific is left as open question, open to ridicule.)

What the hell – I’ll sell it. These guys came from Iowa, and it’s clever, funny, and not on enough radars. You should at least give it a freakin’ chance.

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