Minnesota Fringe Festival: Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader at HUGE Theater


SHOW TITLE: Confessions of Delinquent Cheerleader
PRODUCER: FurTrader Productions
HAILING FROM: Minneapolis
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Who were you in High School? Hear true stories of a reformed cheerleader/bad girl at a private school back in the late 1980s. At times hilarious, at times tragic, she shares her “glory days” for all to judge.

CAVEAT: I have directed Mame in two of my comedies.

I discussed in my review of her preview my admiration for Mame as a comic actress, my dismay that I didn’t feel her abilities were appreciated, and my delight that she had found a format that seemed to play to those abilities. I’m further delighted to say that this review seems to be entirely unnecessary, as the show that I attended was nearly sold out to my eye.

When I say that the format plays to her abilities, holy shit and and how – it’s formal enough to sustain the show, but contains plenty of random and improvised sequences, and copious opportunity for banter – places in which she really shines as a performer.

Sitting through the show was an unmixed delight. If I have one point of hesitation, it’s that I feel that she leaves some pretty significant holes in her story – the underlying theme that she keeps coming back to is shame, and how it defined so many of her choices as a teenager – but where, ultimately, did that shame come from? Upbringing? Environment? It feels sort of like reading Daredevil’s secret origin, only it leaves out the part where radioactive mutagen leaks into her eyes. I’m not sure why the impulse to tiptoe around that stuff – I would suspect a fear of bogging the show down, but she seems perfectly willing to address heavier material towards the end.

This is a quibble. I was cackling in the places that I was supposed to cackle, which was most of the time. I’d tell you to see it, but thankfully it seems that most people already are.

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