Pre-Fringe Profile: AirD&D

CAVEAT: I am directing a show in the same venue that is technically in competition with this one for an additional performance.

ADDITIONAL CAVEAT: I have previously worked with two of the performers in this show (Tamara Koltes has acted in a handful of my scripts, and Siarde Evans was my comedy partner for many years).


PRODUCER: MDK Productions
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Brett and Cassandra have been married for three years. When a traveling Dungeon Master answers their ad on Air B’n’B, they find their relationship is put to the test. Will love make a saving throw?
WHAT CAUGHT MY INTEREST: I was the kind of geeky kid who bought dozens of 2nd Edition manuals, and also the kind of kid who was too geeky to find anyone to play them with.
INTERVIEWEE: Michael Krefting (co-writer)

Just who do you think you are, anyway?

My name is Michael Krefting, founder of the very originally titled MDK Productions. I’ve lived in Minneapolis for as long as I can remember, which is to say, my whole life. I have a fancy Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in Theatre Arts. I was (still am? I don’t know how college works…) about a semester’s worth of credits away from getting a degree in Mathematics, as well.

I spent the formative years of my life picking up obscure Simpsons quotes. My brain is weird, and super referential. Though I have done other role playing, from GURPS to WoW, I didn’t get into D&D until recently. I have a level 4 Half-Elf Wild Magic Sorcerer.

So what’s the big idea?

AirD&D, in elevator pitch: It’s the tale of a traveling DM (Dungeon Master) who helps solve people’s relationships with role playing.

But really, this is just one instance of the Traveling Dungeon Master. In that respect, this play isn’t so much about Wells (the TDM), as it is an exploration of Brett and Cassandra (our couple, as portrayed by Philip Skretvedt and Tamara Koltes, respectively), through role play.

How did you come up with a screwy idea like that?

The original show I put in was entitled “The Do’s and Don’t’s of D&D”. So, it was kinda fated to happen. I always like coming up with a funny title and then writing a show about.

AirD&D, itself, came about because of a malapropism. Co-Writer Brian Scot Johnson and I were taking a sketch writing class at BNW. One of our classmates (Lyn, whose last name escapes me) had written a sketch about a hair stylist using Airbnb, entitled HairBnD. I misheard the title, before reading the title, as AirD&D. By the end of the night, Brian had a rough outline. The rest wrote itself.

Why should I care?

Most of the cast had never played D&D before joining up (save Siarde Evans, who plays Wells). This includes my Co-Writer, and Director (Becci Schmidt). Everyone has agreed that the show treats D&D in a very approachable fashion.

That said, I made sure to have enough D&D references and knowledge in the show. I feel like anyone who is familiar with Dungeons & Dragons would be pleased with this show. But so would anyone who has no idea what D&D is, or may only have ideas of Satanism from the mid-80’s.

Justify your show’s existence in haiku form.

Three actors on stage
A single light shines above
Many dice boulders roll.

Questions? Comments? Enraged invective? Check out my answers to occasionally asked questions in Notes on Notes, or the contact info linked from that page!


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