Pre-Fringe Profile: Trump’s America (It’s Hell)


SHOW TITLE: Trump’s America (It’s Hell)
PRODUCER: F.E.A.R. Productions
SHOW DESCRIPTION: 250 years after a complete global collapse, the unlikely combination of a tender young caregiver and his warrior companion go on a search through hell to find the man he loves before it’s too late.
WHAT CAUGHT MY INTEREST: While I’m wary of Trump as an easy target, I’m a sucker for Dante Alighieri, and all of the various parodies, homages, and inversions of his stuff.
INTERVIEWEE: Elliot Stevenson (director)

Just who do you think you are, anyway?

Elliot Stevenson has been writing, performing and producing comedy since he left behind his illustrious career as a budding intern architect. He’s very thankful that designing set pieces doesn’t require a code review. Elliot has trained at the Second City Training Center in Chicago as well as at the Brave New Workshop Student Union in Minneapolis. He can be found most weekend nights at Huge Theater either performing improv or watching the other amazing improvisers in the city continually improv the quality of the art form. When not there you can find Elliot at home catching up on Netflix and deciding which combination of red shoes and plaid shirt looks best. 

So what’s the big idea?

“Trump’s America – It’s Hell” follows a young man and his warrior companion as they traverse post-apocalypse Minneapolis in search of the man that he loves. As they journey they must fight against the men in power that have destroyed a once beautiful city and turned it into a literal hell on earth. 

How did you come up with a screwy idea like that?

Donald Trump becoming President would be the worst thing for our country and the world. It is my belief that we must do anything to prevent that from happening, so I turned to Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”, in particular “Inferno” for inspiration. When Dante originally wrote “The Divine Comedy” it drove thousands of people to the Catholic church to repent and change to avoid the horrors of Hell. By writing a play that shows the horrors of where Trump’s hatefulness could lead I hope it drives people to the polls in November to vote to prevent a Donald Trump presidency. 

Why should I care?

You should see this play because it is far more than just a political statement. It is an adventure packed play set in a dystopian future like no other that has a gay black man and a female protagonist as it’s main characters that will be fighting for their lives in not one, not two, but three epic fight scenes. They will face tortures that test their courage, resolve and character. 

Justify your show’s existence in haiku form.

In times of crisis
We must fight for our beliefs
And declare no more

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